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Construction Projects Delay Claims in India

August 1, 2018
Posted by: admin

What is construction project delay? Every Project starts with a definitive time schedule to complete but many time projects end up exceeding the time duration assigned to them. The consequence of these delays not only occur on the time duration of the project but the cost part of the project. And if the Project is […]

Project Gantt Chart – Different Methods of making a Gantt Chart in Excel

July 5, 2018
Posted by: admin

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart to show the project scheduling. It is the most widely used project scheduling method for easy understanding of the project. In these activities shown on the vertical axis of the chart and time duration shown in the horizontal axis of the chart. The width of the […]

How to create Work Break Down Structure (WBS)

July 2, 2018
Posted by: admin

What is WBS Work break down structure is the graphical representation of the scope of the project. It showed from top to down in a completed view that topmost segment of the WBS represents the project in whole and bottom-most segment represents the work package up to which we can decompose the project. It follows […]

Construction Project Management in Indian Context

June 26, 2018
Posted by: admin

Project Definition A project is a temporary endeavor for achieving some unique time bound, cost bound, resource bound product or service. In a layman word, it can be said that project is the work which done for producing something unique in a time-bound manner. It is different from the operation in view that operation is […]

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