Mon-Sat: 9.00-18.00

MS Project is most easy and user-friendly Project scheduling software which is widely used in Education purpose and for the small scale of the Project. It is owned by Microsoft Corporation and is part of the MS office tools of bundles. Its user-friendly UI and resemblance to other office products makes it very familiar and easy to learn software. We provide training on the MS Project covering all the basic as well advance topics of the MS Project attaching it with the Live Projects. Following are the topics covered in the training

  • Setting up the Project
  • Setting up the Project calendar
  • Defining the activities in the Project
  • Setting up different view of the Gantt chart window
  • Creating WBS from the activities
  • Linking the activities with each other for the dependencies
  • Defining resources in resource sheet and assigning to the activities
  • Resource levelling and resource fast tracking
  • Defining baseline for the Project
  • Project Progress updating and reporting

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