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What is Project delay

Every Project which is even planned perfectly do not go as per the plan and due to many circumstances get delay during execution. These delays are various type of depends on the reason of delay, sources of delay and who owns the delay.

Reason of delay

Major Project delays occur due to changes in scope, design/drawing discrepancy, poor resource planning and may be due to natural calamities. Each type of delay has different effect on the project on its duration as well on the cost of the project. To determine and establish the delays, it is required to first establish the baseline schedule of the project. If the project baseline scheduling is not done properly in the planning stage of project then it is certainly possible that reason and attribute of the delay can not be identified.

Effect of delay

After the establishing the delay w.r.t. to the original agrees upon baseline schedule, it is required to ascertain the reason of the delay. If the delays occur due to change in the scope or change in the design/drawing then it is attributed to the client but poor resource mobilization, rework due to poor execution of the work, quality problem are all attributed to contractor. After the getting the owner of the delay it is required to ascertain the time and cost effect of this delay on the client as well on contractor. Many techniques like critical path method, Advance scheduling technique used to determine the effect of delay of particular activity on the overall project.

Owner of the delay

The contract formation plays an important role in delay claim. After determining the effect of the delay on time and cost of the over all project, it is required to see whether this delay claim/effect is admissible as per contract or not. If yes then who owns the delay. Based on the contract formation the claim is decided and claim raised by owner/contractor. If the same is not agreed by both the party’s then same can be fought in arbitration or in court of law.

What we offer

We at project planner provide our services for forensic analysis of the baseline schedule and contract to determine the delay claim from owner as well from contractor side. It is our best efforts that our analysis for the delay claim is logical and can sustain in arbitration and court of law.

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