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What is Project Management

Project management is a science and art to deal with the successful completion of the project adhering to the time, cost, scope and quality. Every Project is having definitive goal for creating some unique product or services in definitive duration of the period with definitive resources. To accomplish this goal, it is required to follow the philosophy which not only deal it with scientifically but also psychologically. Project management is the process which deals the project with technically, data analytically as well with soft skills of the human behavior.. A successful Project management process required to balance between the technical, analytical aspect of the project and between human psychology.

Project Management methodology

There is not any sure shot method for the project management but as the project are executed from centuries so as the management of these projects also performed from centuries. The basic project management method involves of five process of the project which are Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and controlling and closing. The planning part of the project is most important as all the methodology, strategy and technique for handling all the situations documented in this process. A good project management practice involves that maximum time should be given to the planning process of the project so that the scope, time, cost of the project can be established and planned in such a way that it does not changed much in further process of the project. For this many technique are being used like Decomposing for WBS creation, Critical path method, critical chain method for schedule preparation and bottom up estimating for cost estimates of the Projects. All these planned parameters then compared with the actual execution of the project in the monitoring and controlling process through Earned value management techniques.

Effect of Proper project management

The Proper Project Management process not only ensure that project goes smooth but ensure that all the stakeholders get satisfied after completion of the Project. If every minute detail is properly planned before starting of the Project, Success of the project is inevitable.

What we offer

We at Project planner associate with the client at the signing of the Project charter or contract and then it is our part of the job to establish the detail scope, WBS, schedule and cost of the project and preparing complete Project Management plan for signing and execution of the Project. We not only track your project on day to day basis but also raise the flag at critical juncture of the project if something not going as per plan. We follow-up with the design consultant, execution contractor on behalf of the client for adhering to the planned Schedule of the Project. Weekly, fortnightly report presented in the client required format for complete view of the Project.

We also provided services for supervision of the Project work at site for speedy and quality work execution of the Project

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