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Project scheduling meaning

Project scheduling is the sequencing of the all project activities with their time period in a manner that consider all the assumption and constraints in the projects. This eventually give you the best possible time duration for completion of the Project. The Scheduling starts from defining higher level project deliverables, creating WBS, defining activities, calculate resource and duration required for completion, sequencing these activities in logical manner and finally creating project schedule using software like primavera and MS project through critical path method.

Importance of project scheduling

We can not work till we plan and for timely completion of the project we have to plan the activity starting and completion date in advance so that we can track these activities during execution of the project. A project schedule not only tells us the activities and their start and finish date but also provide the relationship of the activities which are interdependent on each other. This eventually make a dynamic schedule which is flexible enough to gauge the effect of change in the duration of any activity on the its subsequent activities and on final project completion date,

What we offer

We prepare preliminary schedule for your project charter. We crate details schedule with all its associates after taking detailed scope, time and cost constraint from client. Our Project schedules are based on experience and knowledge of our team for the work activities, duration, resource and costing of each task and logical sequencing and interdependencies of the these on each other. We also crate baseline schedules before starting of the execution of the Project and updated schedules based on the changes approved for the project. We also provide Project forecasting schedules at given point of the time of the project depend on the project progress achieved till that time.

Realistic scheduling

Our schedules are realistic based on client provided scope, cost and schedule requirement and will not deviate much if the changes do not happen in the project. We prepare our schedules based on latest Project scheduling technique like Critical path Method, Critical chain method.

Save time and money

These realistic schedules not only help in completing the project in time but also save valuable resource and eventually cost to the Project. Based on Schedule compression techniques we suggest our client for providing extra resources at some point of time at the project so the project can complete early and can serve its purpose early to corporation.

Scheduling level

Our schedule levels are based on the size of the project and minute level planning requirement of the client.  We suggest proper level of the schedule up to which project monitoring is feasible and profitable.

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